We would like the thank the tile experts listed below for donating there valuable time and effort in answering the "AsktheTileMan" question. These NTCA members are Tile Industry Experts and bring a world of knowledge to you when answering your tile question.
These experts donate there time to directly help you the tiling community.

Armen Tavy

Contact Information
Phone 1-800-FOR-TAVY (367-8289)
Fax 1-860-645-9364
Personal anytime cell # 860-559-8469
E-mail: spacerman@tavytools.com

Family: Wife Delores; married 56+ years (since 1952)residing in Plant City, Florida
Son, Keith (KT Marble and Stone in San Diego) Daughters, Kim and Susan
8 Grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, the oldest of which turned 14 in "08".

Besides doing all the "PR" work for Tavy Enterprises, he travels the USA two days a week, 40+ weeks a year, speaking at tile training seminars about the "DOs & DON'T'S" of Tile and Marble Installations. Armen is Semi-Retired, has 48 years in the tile business, 40 + of which were, as they say, "On his hands and knees". Armen is versed in all fazes of the tile installation process and his specialty was "One of a Kind" Installations, most of which were designed by him. Armen became an inventor at age 60 and started marketing his first of 4 tile related inventions, the unique "Tavy Tile Spacers" in 1997 at the age of 65, instead of retiring. He says the Tile Industry has been good to him, was and still is "his passion", and this is his way of "Paying Back". Armen takes Tile Related Questions on line and by e-mail and 7/24/365 on his cell phone. He says he will/may really retire on October 8, 2009 at 77 but will always stay involved between fishing trips in Tampa Bay.

Bart Bettiga
Executive Director
Publisher - Tileletter

Contact Information
Phone: (601) 939-2071
Fax: (601) 932-6117

Other Information
Wife, Sandy, Married since 1989
Sons, Beau , Kash, and Eli

Related Activities
Member: Coverings Board of Governors
Vice-Chairman: Tile Partners for Humanity
Past President- Ceramic Tile Distributors Association 2000-2001


Joe A. Tarver
Executive Director Emeritus

Contact Information
Phone: (601) 939-2071
Fax: (601) 932-6117

Other Information
Executive Director 1972-2002
Responsible for Growing Southern Tile Terrazzo Marble Contractors Association into the National Tile Contractors Association

Industry Awards
NTCA TilePerson of The Year, 2003
CTDA-Jerry Fisher Service to Industry Award, 2001
TCA- Man of Year, 2002
TCAA- Cesery Memorial Award, 1998
ASCER-Jerry Fisher Award, 2000

Other Affiliations
Member American Society of Association Executives
Former Secretary for ANSI A10-20 Safety Standard
Former Secretary and Chairman of Tile Expo
Served on ITSE Board of Governors since its inception
ITSE Chairman in 1993/1994 and 1998/1999
Temporary Chairman of ANSI-A108 Committee since 1998


Gerald Sloan
NTCA Training Director

Contact Information
Phone: (601) 939-2071
Fax: (601) 932-6117

Other Information
Gerald Sloan, formerly with D.M.I Tile & Marble in Birmingham, Ala., joined the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) as NTCA director of training, effective October 1, 2006.

Sloan worked with D.M.I. Tile & Marble, Inc., for 24 years. Starting as an apprentice for D.M.I., he rose through the ranks, holding positions of journeyman mechanic, advanced journeyman mechanic and superintendent. As field craft training director he worked with apprentices on proper technique and use of equipment, conducted evaluations and taught courses in various techniques and aspects of tile setting. As field safety director, he oversaw safety efforts in-house and in the field and kept apprentices and tile setters up to date on procedures through weekly safety meetings.