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Ceramic Tile Advice Forum    

Ceramic Tile Forum


Ceramic Tile Advice Forum

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question Skillful1 
Sep-22-2016 12:14
le porcellane acif
I am trying to match some 14x14 tiles in my bathroom.  The piece I pulled out is broke but it has stamped on the back "le porcellane acif" and under acif it has "tecnic" is all I can is a cream/beige color.  Any idea where I can get this?  I am in Dallas, TX.  Will I have to import from Italy?
question Divino 
Sep-02-2016 12:41
Cleaning Polished Porcelain
What are the recomendations for cleaning polished porcelain?  Is their a resource for how to clean the various types of porcelain and ceramic tile?  I need this information as soon as possible... Thanks so much!
Cleaning Polished Porcelain
There are many tile cleaners on the market. Some of them are very caustic. Some Porcelain tiles may not fair well with acidic type cleaners,; however, look on the lables for "Sulflamic Acid" in the contents. Always flush any cleaners with clean water. Upkeep of anything using any type of liquid form should alhways be manually dried so a film does not form on the tiles surface after it dries. My instructions to everyone who washes any kind of tile floor is just common sence. Use a window pane in the same room, or even a large hand mirror. Whatever you do to your floor, do to the glass. Solution: Always dry a floor with old Turkish Towels. One large towel under each foot turns the chore into an excersise. "Skate" around the floor as if you were on ice. Remember that everything you do to the floor, do to a test mirror or window pane. (except skating on it). The end result will be the same as washing your car and drying it with towels, Don't dry it after rinsing, and Calcium deposits in the water will leave white rings after it air dries. All "tap water" has chemicles in it that leave a film behind as the water evaporates. I have written a lot of words here for a simple job, but so many negative side effects arrise when washed things are allowed to "Air Dry". Turning chores like this into an excersize always takes the pain out of it. Another test to prove my point is to use your bathroom wall mirror/med cabinet as a test object. Allow it to "air dry"after washing and rinsing it and you will see what I mean....Send back your thoughts so others can learn. Commercial floors washed by a janitor and allowed to "air dry" are among the dirtiest


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